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Our company provides you with design solutions according to your wish. Our collaboration is based on knowledge, responsibility and honesty. Our aim is that you feel and be secure with us.

Our company

The construction company Ergon Savvidis, has more than 18 years experience in the field of construction, reconstruction and renovation of both residences and industrial buildings. Ergon Savvidis has a significant portfolio with projects all over Greece. Our experience, knowledge and determination to satisfy our customers is a guarantee for credibility and creative communication for both our customers and partners.

Our services

Ergon Savvidis is a family owned construction company that provides solutions regarding your residential or industrial building. With respect and consideration  to your desires  while perfectly utilizing your property. We implement your instruction  fast, with security, flexibility, and economy of scales.


  • Ergonomic Spaces
  • Excellent Coordination
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Reliable Schedule
  • Sticking to Budget

Respect and appreciation of your wishes by making the most of your property.

Fulfilling your requirements safely, speedily and economically.